About SCMA


About SCMA

Scope and Purpose

To promote and improve the motorcoach industry of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas through the collective efforts and activities of its members and to enhance the safety and image of motorcoach travel in this four-state region.  In addition, each of the four states will individually address local issues through direction of individual state committees established for such purpose.

South Central Motorcoach Association
Linda Morris, Executive Director
Mailing Address:
201 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 114-267
New Orleans, LA 70170
FAX 877-501-1879


Founding the Motorcoach Association in 2003
On May 28, 2003 approximately 35 people gathered in Baton Rouge, LA represented were 12 Motorcoach owners/operators and 6 suppliers, plus management staff.
This was the second meeting held to organize a Louisiana Motorcoach Association. The first was held in New Orleans on April 16 when approximately 25 people met to discuss the possibility of establishing an association. Suppliers in attendance included Motor Coach Industries, Inc. Setra of North America, ABC Companies, Prevost Car, Inc. and Service Insurance Agency as well as tourism offices of City of Martinville and New Orleans.
The group attending the second meeting began to formally organize by electing a board of directors, adopting bylaws and a code of ethics, and approving an application form for operators and suppliers (associate  members).
Hence the Louisiana Motorcoach Association was born. We want all the members to know that we are here to hopefully increase tourism throughout the U.S. and hope that you will encourage other members to join as  well.
The Louisiana Motorcoach Association has now become the South Central Motorcoach Association. The operator membership includes members from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.